joi, 8 iulie 2010

thanks leonard for the donation

from Leonard i had the first donation coming from UK.
thanks for your generosity.
here are your $20 results. i got myself a book
pf course if you are further interested here is a short review, i won't provide name and author only the facts.

as an overall the author moves the spotlight on the present reality, and social disaster devouring Romania. We're living in the country without justice, ruled by thieves and guided by IMF. The attempt to grove the "clothes of Romania" has had a bit of success lately, and here i talk about worlds view of this European patch. Nothing more has ever changed in here (Romania) through the last decades beside the "clothes" the virtual image of this country. the truth is the same nobody wants to work, everybody dreams about money and "how to be successful" {now this is one shitty phrase}, how to act foolish as a matter effect. socially we're fucked, politically we're fucked, and talking about culture in Romania... what talking? what culture?
and in a few words this is what the author said. Of course beside getting people to rise and revolt there is a highlighted comment on education and the fall of culture. youngsters in Romania are focused on "missions" compared to those of the animal reign, and not even closer to the virtues the puts the man on top of the animal.
we're going down as a snowball, THANKS TO IMF, and our leaders (actually this noun is pretty noble).

my point of view: we're fucked if this goes on.

IMF point of view: fuck'em they are our slaves.

cheers, my friends.

ps: emil boc, our beloved prime minister said in english "aviara gripa... very helty very helty".
aviara gripa is a stupid improvised translation (due to heavy clouds of foolishness) of the phrase ;
"bird flu..... very healthy,... very healthy "

thank you

joi, 1 iulie 2010

what did i do?

in the last 2 years i donated around 100 Euros. i found this question in my inbox this morning. and this is the answer. to whom? to IPLAY; to some guy that made a cool barcode generator, to a nice girl that sells paintings (these are the last three). thanks for visiting. and place your donations please.


ok. So this is a blog about donations, and of course receiving donations is fun, and cool. One question would probably be about one concept, "giving away for nothing". can i get something for free, or what is "free". Usually when you get something you expect something in exchange. As nowadays this concept is altered i came up with this idea, the idea of the virtual beggar. Sounds interesting moving this concept in to cyberspace and promoting free giveaways. here you can give and expect nothing.Donations. when you find this button >

< most likely you have stumbled upon a webpage containing something that you need or use, and of course some of us feel the moral pain of comforting the publisher. There's the hot spot. The donation button, Salvation button.
On my webpage you can give away some money. give for free. Because i am the


first lines.
i am a reader.
i am a beggar.
actually a internet beggar.
I made up a web page an people can send me some donations. and through this blog I'll keep contact with you all.
beer... i like beer

sunt o cersetoare virtuala, am facut o pagina web prin care oamenii sa faca donatii, in principiu imi place berea. daca aveti peipel da-ti clic si donati. ajutai amaratii.